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Each slipper is different |

Each slipper is different

Each slipper is different

Hand-maid authentic felt slippers from Zebu.
Each slipper is different. Together they are combined in unique stylish and, at the same time, authentic pair of slippers. Cozy feeling provided by natural wool used to make Zebu felt slippers.
No synthetic materials used. Because of hand-made manufacturing process colors and patterns may vary.

Warning: felt slipper models without rubber outsole are very slippery. Not recommended for use on stairs. Zebu Inc. is not liable for any injuries sustained.

Indulge yourself in an unforgettable feeling of comfort and warmth with Zebu felt slippers.
Nothing can compare with cozy felt slippers after a long tiring day.
Felt fibers create unparalleled massaging effect on your bare skin.
Natural felt relives stress and relaxes your feet. Zebu felt slippers are hand-made from only 100% natural wool.

  • Wool
  • latex sole
  • Very Comfortable!
  • Keeps your feet warm and cozy
  • HANDMADE, including designs
  • Comes in many designs and colors, see our storefront!
  • Protects the foot with hand made precision design