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About us |

About us

ZebuZebu Felt Inc. started by a family, who saw an ancient craft from the times of the Silk Road being forgotten, pushed away by the progress. World-renowned skills in felting and shoe making were made obsolete by the cheap footwear, mass produced and imported from Far East. The world’s softest and most comfortable slippers were about to disappear unless someone interfered. Thus, Zebu Felt was born – as a testament to old world craftsmanship, appreciation for quality and ecological responsibility.

Zebu is the most natural slipper your feet will ever touch. Made from 100% natural wool in Kyrgyzstan, whose millennia of sheep herding produced such fine wool that traders come from all over Asia for it. Zebu felt slippers are hand-crafted by indigenous people of the country’s mountainous region. These people know good wool from birth. Weather gets harsh in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, so the natives know the true price of comfort. Over the thousands of years, they developed the craft of creating the softest, most comfortable, and most breathable felt slipper yet. For the first time, Zebu Inc. is bringing this ancient craft to America.


Because these slippers are hand-made from natural wool, they will fit to your feet like they were meant to. But you have to be nice to them first. For ultimate comfort, give your new pair of Zebus at least 12 hours to wear in and hug your foot. This will give you the best fit and comfort. Remember: Zebus are 100% created by hand – not stamped out at a factory. So each pair is unique and will differ slightly from others. This way your pair of Zebus is like no other in the world.


Zebus are hand made from the finest 100% natural wool found in the mountainous regions of Tian-Shan. The felt texture achieves its signature softness because of the special way the wool fibers are pressed together – the same way felt yurts were created by Central Asia’s nomadic tribes for millennia. Each pair is crafted by one of the native nomadic dwellers of Kyrgyzstan. We do not use any artificial materials or factory processes. Instead, each pair is made like it was made for thousands of years, the secrets of the craft passed down from generation to generation. That is why each pair of Zebus is crafted, not stamped, to be as unique as you.

Why Zebus

Modern slippers are like wearing bulky, awkward chains on your feet: constricting and not at all breathable. Why would you wear something that blocks healthy blood flow and deprive your feet of oxygen? Zebus rely on the ancient tradition of the indigenous people of Kyrgyzstan to bring comfort to your feet. And by comfort we mean not just the softness with which Zebus caress your foot with every step, but also the lightness and breathability. From the moment you touch your felt Zebus made from 100% wool, you will feel the softness and appreciate the craftsmanship.

Zebus are made in a sustainable way from natural materials by people earning a living wage. Our mission is to let you slip into authentic comfort after a long, stressful day. The 100% natural wool will rest your feet and our fair sourcing process will soothe your mind. True comfort starts with your feet. True relaxation starts with Zebus.